Privacy Policy

By proceeding further, you shall be irrevocably agreeing to all the conditions enunciated hereunder. The user of this Application shall hereinafter be referred to as "User". The concerned professional / person / firm / enterprise to which the User makes the appointment through this Application shall hereinafter be referred to as "Facility Owner"
1. The User hereby expressly and irrevocably consents to the following permissions to the Application:
. To collect and store data(s) relating to the location, usage statistics, usage pattern and all other data regarding the User and the Application and thereby to facilitate the objective of this Queue management and time management Application.
. To have access to read and utilize information in the mobile phone of the User and to use it for the purpose of facilitating and thereby to attain the objective of the Application.
. To use all and every resource of the mobile phone so as for the purpose of facilitating and thereby to attain the objective of the Application.
. To use cookies for the process of registration
. The use of Google API's and also to receive e-mail(s) in connection to attain the objective provided by this Application.
2. The User hereby expressly agrees that no kind of reverse engineering or reverse coding of this Application shall be done directly or indirectly by the User. The User provides irrevocable undertaking to the effect that all and any such activity shall entitle the User to pay liquidated damages to the Application owner(s), which shall be calculated based on goodwill. The act shall also follow criminal and civil liabilities.
3. The Application uses third party platform(s) for payment collection and other monetary aspects to which the User hereby consents to and irrevocably agrees to. All and every risk of data breach or other security threats which may arise despite of best efforts put forth by the Application may arise to which the Application disclaims complete responsibility.
4. The User hereby understands that the payment(s) collected by this Application is solely for the purpose of queue facilitation and time management by this Application. All and any payment(s) at the Facility Owner is not inclusive in the payment(s) made in this Application.
5. The User hereby understands that this Application is solely a queue and time management Application. The Application denies all and any responsibility on all kinds of risks and situations which may arise at the facility centre or in the course of travel to the facility centre. It is made specific that the User understands that this Application in no way prevents the spread of any pandemic or disease.
6. The User herby consents and agrees that the Trial provided by the Application is for a period of thirty days only which does not include the full features and benefits provided by this Application. The User consents and agrees the right of the Application to stop or alter the trial service provided by the Application at the discretion of the Application management team.
7. The User hereby expressly understands and agrees that all and any kind of litigation or dispute made against this Application or any of its members in connection with the use of this Application shall solely be on the cost and consequences of the User.
8. The Application disclaims all kinds of responsibility on services at the facility centre, any unforeseen circumstance or event that may occur at the facility centre.
9. The following third party softwares are used in this Application - Google Play Services, Google Analytics for Firebase, Firebase Crashlytics and Log Data. The User hereby is advised to visit the privacy policy of these softwares. By proceeding further, it is made clear that the User has admitted the privacy policy of these softwares.
10. It is made explicitly clear that this Application is merely a facilitator between the User and the Facility Owner. Thereby the Application and its team disclaims all and any action or consequence beyond this facilitation process and all the acts and deed outside this facilitation process is strictly not within the responsibility of the Application.
11. The application and its team disclaims all and any consequence arising from a technical glitch or a coding error and the User hereby proceeding further explicitly irrevocably consents for the same.